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Social Media and Business


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How To Create A Business Connection Through Social Media

Social media is connecting millions of people with connecting with professionals of all industries. While this may seem like a complicated endeavor, you can try your luck with this, if you take on the goal of learning how to do it right. Creating a business connection through networks of this type is not relegated to just befriending others on the fly. You’ll have to take stock of your past, present, and future, and invest in the lives of others. It’s easy to just click a button and hope that someone responds favorably. Instead, take a few notes on how to do this right.

The Right Social Network

Social media has a lot of different websites that you can explore. As such, you will want to pick the right social network to use for this type of connecting point. That being said, try your hand with, as that’s the premier network for professionals. Start there and fill out your profile with every detail that you can think of in terms of professional work, education, and much more. You have to make sure that you fill out the topics systematically, as you would a work history or resume.


Connect With Past Employers

If you have a favorable past with management, or coworkers within your industry, connect with them first. Making connections there should be your first trial, and it will help you go forward. If you can get others to vouch for your credentials, and connect with you, your circle of influence will be much larger. The past employers that you have should help you get more visibility, and you may actually connect with others that will give you leverage when applying for a new job.

Share Ideas, Comment, and Share

The next thing that you should do is simply spend some time within social media pages. Spend time being sanguine, sharing, commenting, and share ideas that are within the framework of your industry. Do not just sit on these sites and send out “friend requests” and connections. Take stock of your industry, and connect through your past, present, and then use those to leverage connections with other industry insiders, assuming that you are working the gregarious side of social networks. If you become a mainstay on the pages, posts, and message boards along social media sites, you will connect with business members, industry insiders, and human resources professionals that could very well give you a larger network of influence.

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