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Difference between a Boss and a Leader


Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

You may not think that there is a distinction between a boss and a leader, but there are some traits that are exclusive to each. For those that want true success in this life, and in regards to business, it’s important to become a leader. When you’re in a place of leadership, you will not only gain freedom, but you’ll end up with successful elements in life, love, and finances. Understanding the differences is far more important than knowing the similarities, that’s for sure. Consider the following differences and see how you can apply them to create your ultimate glory.

Setting The Bar

Setting the bar is something that you will want to do as a leader, not a boss. Bosses don’t set the lines, they comply with them from another area. Think about this in the world of corporations. Corporate sets the rules, and management has to apply them and oversee their workers. Leaders don’t abide by those things, they create the standards and they showcase an example of how to run things without outside interference. These people are often labeled as iconoclasts and truly are defiant when the status quo starts to settle into the mix of things that they are doing.

Living The Example

Bosses tend to not live the examples. There’s countless stories of people that have terrible managers, and bosses overall. They don’t seem to follow the same standards that others do and it usually brings down morale and increases the number of people that are leaving jobs altogether. When you look at what leaders are doing, however, you’re going to see that they are not only living the example they are creating all new standards. Regardless of whether or not anyone is following, they are committed to a plan of action that is definitely interesting to consider.


Perhaps the greatest difference is in regards to discipline. You’re going to find that iconoclasts, leaders, and those that are truly onto something unique have a certain set of discipline actions that you may want to emulate. Whether it’s waking up early, fitness elements, or it’s something else that you can copy and apply to your life, they seem to have something uncanny that works for them. It’s something that you are going to see as a part of a bigger picture, and that is something that you can’t really put a finger on at first glance.

Are you a Boss or a Leader??

The most successful people in the world aren’t just bosses, they are leaders. Knowing the difference is the key to creating a bounty of success in your life, business, and personal relationships.

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