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  • Contact Info:
    E-mail: kareem663@gmail.com
    Mobile: 724-875-6007
  • Skype: therookie663


  • Comments/Concerns – Specific feedback is helpful to get my site as good as it can be.  Good comments help me as much as they help you particularly on articles or concepts you really enjoy. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts.
  • Questions – I always encourage questions! Please scan topics and the separate tabs and let me know what I can assist you with!!
  • Ideas/Advertising– Promotions, advertising, or link requests are acceptable. Please know that if try to spam me you your comments will be removed!
  • Skype or Google Hangout – I love meeting new individuals especially ones that embrace life and are enthusiastic every day! If you simply wish to pick my brain or just chat I’m up for that!! Leave me your info in the contact box below and we can setup a time to mastermind!!!
  • Content or Grammar Issues– Please let me know if you find any content issues so
    I can fix them asap. Please let me understand if I misspelled a word or I have a grammar issue.





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