Got yourself an all-white panel? Just click on

I set up a spoof website to joke about the frustrating way we deal with diversity. The response applicants seriously trying to hire a minority to keep up corporate appearances – proves that we need more than a punchline Is your conference kind of caucasian? Your award show anaemic? Your meeting massively male? Are the […]

New Fashion Company Shatters The Idea That Nude Is Always Beige

A pair of Harvard Business students want to help redefine and expand what the color nude looks like in the fashion industry so that it can better reflect and compliment various shades of women.  Atima Lui and Nancy Madrid founded Mia Pielle after being fed up with the fashion industry’s limited definition of “nude.” The two […]

Don’t worry, Google probably isn’t manipulating search results to help Hillary Clinton

A viral video produced by the news site SourceFed alleges thatGoogle is manipulating its search results to suppress search phrases that could lead to negative results for2016 Democratic presumptive presidential nomineeHillary Clinton. The video asserts that the autocomplete function on the company’s ubiquitous search engine doesn’t return the expected results when users begin typing certain […]

Why so much coverage of Amazon Prime Day? The incentives, of course

By signing up to the retail giants affiliate network, Amazon Associates, publishers can earn commissions from linking to products on In July 2015, Amazon declared its own annual holiday: Amazon Prime Day. The retail giant promised deals on a wide range of products for customers signed up to its membership program, Amazon Prime. This […]

New ‘nasty’ ransomware encourages victims to attack other computers

Popcorn Time malware offers users free removal if they get two other people to install link and pay A new ransomware variant has been discovered using an innovative system to increase infections: the software turns victims into attackers by offering a pyramid scheme-style discount. Any user who finds themselves infected with the Popcorn Time malware […]

Woman killed hours after posting on Facebook about ‘making six figures’

According to theMakeva Jenkins, 33, had been homeless in the past and posted the following about her success to encourage others not give up: Barely two hours after the post, a masked man knocked on the door of her home in Lake Worth, walked in, and was met by the people inside, according to the […]

Boohoo online fashion retailer sees its profits double – BBC News

The firm has gone from strength to strength in recent years, while its High Street rivals have had to deal with increasing competition from Boohoo and other online retailers. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Boohoo relies on social media “influencers” and vloggers to reach its target audiences The key to its success is that […]

Bill O’Reilly faces new pressure as 12 companies pull ads from Fox News show

Hyundai and Allstate among companies taking action following reports he and employer paid several women to settle sexual harassment claims Bill OReillys top-rated Fox News show may be starting to feel a financial sting, with 12 firms taking action after allegations that he sexually harassed several women. The automakers Hyundai, BMW and Mitsubishi, the financial […]

How do you come back from devastating failure? – BBC News

He was leading 6-4 as the clock counted down. But his opponent hit him with a reverse turning kick with the last kick of the final. He lost, and his dream had slipped through his fingers. “The initial period was horrible,” he says now, six months on from winning the silver medal. Image caption Paloma […]

If you’re born on an airplane, is your nationality up in the air?

(CNN)Renewing a passport and border checks are not the easiest of tasks for Shona Owen thanks to the unusual location of her birth. About 36,000 feet in the air. Owen is one of a small community of people who made their entrance into the world in this most dramatic of ways. In 1990, Shona’s heavily […]