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Here’s how you can bring in the big bucks with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have captured the public’s imagination. But how do you penetrate this confusing world if you don’t know anything about blockchains or nonces? The Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining teaches you everything you need to know. This course gives you access to 13 lectures about cryptocurrency mining so you can hit the ground running […]

Man accused of abducting British model Chloe Ayling a ‘fantasist’

Pole Lukasz Pawel Herba told Italian police he belonged to gang called Black Death and then that he had leukaemia, say local media The man accused of working with an international crime gang to kidnap a British model and sell her into slavery in an auction on the dark web has been described by Italian […]

Bill O’Reilly faces new pressure as 12 companies pull ads from Fox News show

Hyundai and Allstate among companies taking action following reports he and employer paid several women to settle sexual harassment claims Bill OReillys top-rated Fox News show may be starting to feel a financial sting, with 12 firms taking action after allegations that he sexually harassed several women. The automakers Hyundai, BMW and Mitsubishi, the financial […]

How do you come back from devastating failure? – BBC News

He was leading 6-4 as the clock counted down. But his opponent hit him with a reverse turning kick with the last kick of the final. He lost, and his dream had slipped through his fingers. “The initial period was horrible,” he says now, six months on from winning the silver medal. Image caption Paloma […]

Who is Elaine Duke, the deputy at Homeland Security?

Washington (CNN)With Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly being tapped as President Donald Trump’s new White House chief of staff, leadership of the agency responsible for protecting the nation at home will fall to Elaine Duke, the deputy secretary. The longtime veteran of government brings an expertise in business management and government acquisition to the role, […]

If you’re born on an airplane, is your nationality up in the air?

(CNN)Renewing a passport and border checks are not the easiest of tasks for Shona Owen thanks to the unusual location of her birth. About 36,000 feet in the air. Owen is one of a small community of people who made their entrance into the world in this most dramatic of ways. In 1990, Shona’s heavily […]

From tear gas canisters strewn across Bethlehem, DIY Christmas ornaments

Last summer, Walter Brynjolfson traveled to Israel and Palestine from his home in Vancouver, Canada, on a two-month trip. With five other students from Trinity Western University in British Columbia, he roamed the streets of the Biblical city ofNazareth, volunteered at one of the oldest 19th century Christian hospitals, and lived among locals in Bethlehem […]

The Sitcom Slaughter Continues! NBC Cancels Eva Longoria’s Telenovela & Undateable!

It’s that time of year where networks decide which shows to keep and which to take to the backyard and shoot. ABC, The CW, and FOX have already axed several shows in their spring cleaning effort — including hit series like Nashville, Castle, and Agent Carter! But NBC had it’s own set of casualties — […]

This is what half a billion dollars in failed startups looks like

At the start of 2015, it looked like every startup would skate on an endless upward trajectory. The label of “unicorn“meant to denote a startup valued at over $1 billionstarted getting tossed around so often that it seemed like people were just gluing horns onto the heads of horses. While the likes of Uber and […]

Yahoo is the dying company that will outlive us all

Someday when historians remember the first few decades of the Internet, one of the strangest anecdotes will be the surprising endurance of Yahoo. The once powerful search engine was dealt yet another blow in its efforts to rebrand itself this past week, when its latest earnings report revealed that the company is now essentially worth […]