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Educating and Inspiring Shy People & Entrepreneurs to overcome their fear of Public Speaking so they can excel in their communication skills and attitudes when confronting an audience or a uncomfortable social situation.  

Why Public Speaking?


When I was 5 I was not only afraid to speak in public I was afraid to confront an audience or crowd. In fact I pulled my shirt over my head I was that scared to deal with the fact in front of being in front of people I didn’t know in a kindergarten musical. In High school I faced the same fear when speaking in front of people or playing with the band and chorus. My teenage years showed no improvement of facing an audience or an adverse social situation. On day in college it all changed for me though when my professor was bringing in some business specialists to ask us questions about a project we just finished. Now I can’t recall what the project was about I just remember my group members all differed to me to answer questions. I was probably the last person who wanted to do this but I needed this course to  graduate so I gradually got myself into a calm state and answered question after question. I remember their last question was something like is“how would you maintain your business in difficult economical times”. My answer now like my current attitude was simply “I would consult with my consumers and see what difficulties they are facing and work with them diligently to face each obstacle individually so that my business would stay afloat.” The good news was able to pass my class and I graduated the following semester. I began to work various Information Technology jobs as a computer science major. Slowly but surely I longed to step away from cubicle I was working in all day and take part in different activities around the city. One of my friends recommended I join a toastmasters club from public speaking and try it out. I’m not quite sure what he saw in me but he provided me with all the details. One afternoon during my workday I took a stroll done to the toastmasters building and introduced myself. I actually was surprised that I enjoyed it so much that I kept coming back and speaking more. In short I attended a few speech competitions and I was able to do speak after speech with good feedback feeling confident most of the time without even preparing a full length speech.  Unfortunately I was laid of from my job and I was no longer able to attended the toastmasters clubs (I will return someday soon though) I began developing WordPress sites starting with my blog and a bunch of other various ideas I was interested in. One thing lead to another and I wanted to give my passion to the world this time and make the world my audience through this website!!

What is your goal now with this website??

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This website is for shy people and entrepreneurs who are fearful of public speaking or who want to improve their public speaking skills. I plan to do this be examining paradigms(fancy word for belief systems) behind the this fear so they can be replaced with new empowering paradigms. Once the paradigm is changed I will work with people to show them some strategies to employ with their speeches so they can truly not only get over their fear but enjoy giving confident and empowering speeches that can truly inspire and even change lives!! All great leaders and entrepreneurs need to know how to deliver a great speech for their business Even if you an introverted person eventually you will have to give a speech to someone. This is not only an exercise in speech technique this is a personal development transformation. Are you ready for an awesome life transformation? Work with me and lets make the world your audience on speech at a time!

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